CustomWebApps' implementation of PubSubHubbub for

By @ryantharp
Using specification: PubSubHubbub Core 0.3 - Working Draft


PubSubHubbub is non-polling, push mechanism for syndication streams like RSS/Atom. You can plug in any syndication stream, and it will push updates to your subscriber's call back URL when changes occur.

Usage details

Hub URL:

Suggested topic:
where USERID is the id of the user that you want to subscribed to posts from

Also see @duerig's My RSS Stream that provides a stream of all posts from the people you're following.

If there are other ADN RSS/atom feeds out there that you would like a link here, please contact us.


This is a in-house implementation of PubSubHubbub protocol, written in PHP. We're not sure how compliant we are. However we have used the publish/subscriber PHP reference to validate our design. We currently only support RSS, and soon will be adding Atom and general XML (0.4 spec) support.

Contact & Support

If there's something you need that we don't have, let us know!

contact @ryantharp on ADN, if you have any comments, questions, feedback.

Commercial support (and higher availability and SSL encryption) is also available, contact us for more information

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